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"Self Portrait" by Mark Vallen  1973
"Self Portrait" by Mark Vallen  1973
"Self Portrait" by Mark Vallen  1973
"Self Portrait" by Mark Vallen  1973

MARK VALLEN: Drawing the Line
Sketches from the artist's student days

Here's what the artist said about his sketches:

"In 2005 I rediscovered a number of my old sketchbooks that had been packed away for decades. The sketchbooks contain hundreds of pencil and pen drawings created by me during my high school years. A few are filled with renderings from the life drawing classes I attended at my local community college. Many of the artworks were created in 1970 when I was only sixteen years old. The drawings were largely of my classmates and friends, and some were of my wild imaginings. Even at sixteen I was displaying a propensity for making art based on social observation. A number of my drawings were related to the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam war, and the youth rebellion sweeping American cities."

A few of Vallen's early sketches are presented here, with more to be added in the near future.

Self Portrait
Vallen 1973
Pencil on Paper

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